Darda Demolition

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Darda Demolition

Darda Demolition

The name of "Darda" stands for competence...

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Darda Demolition
The name of “Darda” stands for competence and know-how in the development, production and sales of environmentally friendly, special hydraulic demolition tools. Quality, power and solutions to unconventional problems are the most important.After quality and strong performance, our next priority is solutions for uncommon problems. For this reason, Darda continues to develop and expand its product assortment. Thus the correct device is available for many demolition requirements.
  • Products provided by Darda :
  • Handheld splitters
  • Handheld combi-Shears
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Concrete Crusher
  • Steel Crusher
  • Tank cutter
  • Multi-Cutter
  • Chisels
Darda Demolition